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Fashion Photographer Alison Catchpole


The written content, unless credited otherwise, is all my own. Do check out the Press Pages – the content is more carefully curated as it’s been more formally edited.

The images, unless credited otherwise, are my own.  I use an iPad mini and iPhone 4S for Instagram images, and a Canon 70D with standard 18-135mm lens for more complex work.

Most of the reason for the website is wanting to share some of the images and moments I’ve been able to capture.  And to back it up with words.

I’m aiming to post regularly but there’s no clear timeframe about how and when.  So please be patient. 


Come back soon.  Come back often.



My mother is American and my father is British, so I have dual nationality. My parents met at a Valentine’s party in New York in the sixties. Apparently a Beatles album was playing.

My birthday is in May.  This makes me a Taurus.  If you are into that kind of thing apparently I’m earthy and loyal.  Maybe you’d think that anyway.

I’ve lived mainly in London, but also in HertfordshireDorset and Oxford.  I also spent five years teaching in Brussels, which is a beautiful city and quite enigmatic.

I was a child I seemed to be at some sort of club every night – Guides, St John Ambulance, choir, piano, swimming…  These days I am rarely at clubs of any sort.  Oh, except Soho House.

Out of the swimming club came a love of swimming.  One of the best things I’ve bought in the past five years is my underwater iPod, a SwiMP3. It’s a game changer.

I don’t have a favourite food.  I have a lot of favourite foods.  But goat’s cheese is up there somewhere.

I do have a least favourite food.  Pea soup.  Not worth a hyperlink.

I really like rollercoasters.  This is a bit of a surprise of adulthood.  Recent adulthood.

Having worked as a teacher and as a TV researcher, I have a large internal bank of obscure facts.  But I am very bad at remembering jokes.  So if you meet me for a second time and want to tell your favourite joke over, go ahead.  I will probably laugh again, in the same place.  As long as it is funny.

I used to be terrible with keys.  Nowadays I have them attached to my handbag.  It saves a lot of stress.

Alison Catchpole by Stella Asia Consonni

Photo: Stella Asia Consonni

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