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  • Alison Catchpole


Going bananas in pyjamas.

The challenge with pyjama-style fashions is that unless they are perfectly executed, they really do look as if you didn’t have time to get changed. Which may be OK if you don’t mind or you want to save time in the mornings, or if the ever-reliable Paul Smith is in charge. His latest offering brought nightwear into the LFW daywear arena with a characteristically witty show. Even former model Coco Rocha was getting into the party spirit as she slipped her slender figure onto the FROW and Instagrammed her way to her ever-widening fan base.

The prints were balanced and neat, not quite loud enough to be accused of making their own way down the catwalk but expensively styled, and showed the menswear influenced geometric patterns and expert cutting so integral to Sir Paul’s signature approach. As the wide silk trouser and shirt combinations sashayed their way past it was easy to see how a jumpsuit in one of the signature graphic prints might be a useful addition to the wardrobe. The one piece has evolved from a Charlie’s Angels staple to a serious foundation wardrobe item. After all, with only one decision – ‘I’ll wear that’ – plus shoes and accessories, the potential for the confusion that could come from mixing separates is completely avoided. Just what a girl needs to make the mornings just that much more welcoming.

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