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  • Alison Catchpole


This summer, prints are back in Vogue.

It’s never easy to be swayed away from plain fabrics and especially the traditional black. Oh, the safety!

But well-chosen prints are a perfect excuse to make an easy statement and change the gear.

There is always a rich offering of florals and more geometric patterns in the shops come summer time, and they bring a welcome lift to the comfortable homogeneity of monochrome.

Liberty, known for its traditional English prints, is showing a particularly inventive selection of accessories this season, as previewed at LFW and now in store. Tapping into the welcome and highly practical backpack trend, their take on leather with the iconic Ianthe pattern gives a proud introduction to print accessories for the print-shy virgin, and guarantees avoiding “print-out”, that familiar boredom that can arise from ill-chosen or dated visual landscapes. This range of accessories is bright without being kooky, bold without being kitsch. At £450 it’s worth waiting for the sale but a lot cheaper than a high end outfit in a print that might only last a few wears rather than several seasons.

Liberty print accessories

Liberty Accessories

Missoni at Liberty

Need some background? Try this delightful behind-the-scenes film about AW 2012. Timeless…

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