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  • Alison Catchpole


Best foot forward.

Tuesday shoesday it is. Even when it’s the weekend.

Valentino Rockstuds at Browns, South Molton Street

The term ‘investment shopping only goes so far. But in footwear, that can be far enough.

From clogs to stilettos, footwear is the most consciously sought after wardrobe filler, and with high street options getting ever more creative, the choices could be baffling. But given careful thought, it’s not.

Some girls seem to take pride in having specialist shoe storage units overflowing with shoes. Imagine the closet of Tamara Mellon or Charlotte Olympia (see my interview with the delectable Charlotte here), for example. Each looks consistently glamorous and craves organisation in their cataloguing systems. Each perfect pedicure is displayed or covered up and these women have inspired business and pleasure with their footwear offerings.

You’re thinking about spending how much on a pair of summer shoes?

In case you needed a reason to consider your summer purchases, here are ten:

1 – Because you look down at them.

2 – Because they can cheer you up.

3 – Because they can completely change your look.

4 – Because it makes sense to spend money on something that you could, conceivably, wear for most of your adult life.

5 – Because you wear them on your feet, for crying out loud. Your FEET. Your roots. They carry you.

6 – Because if they fit properly, you can dance through life in them – and run, and skip, and walk.

7 – Because they get noticed. Sometimes, they even get YOU noticed.

8 – Because there’s something so exciting about waking up the day after you bought them to see who they will let you become next.

9 – This one’s for you to think up.

10 – Because, finances permitting, who needs it explained? Really?

Happy shoesday Tuesday hunting all week.

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