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Blogosphere Geography

Internet too hot to handle? Purse in need of lightening? Look no further.

In case the jungle of internet sources for ways to lighten your purse is overwhelming, consider aligning your campaign to include sample sales and the advice of the range of self-confessed fashion experts. Consider this your Blogosphere version of the Map to the Stars.

The Road Less Travelled: the pathway at Babington House in Somerset.

Rare sample sales but abundant self-indulgence.

Sample Sales click links – Blogosphere Local Geography

The Music Room – a gem of a venue, centrally located on South Molton Lane so you can pop into Brownsfor a bit of context. The sample sales vary in quantity and quality, as you’d expect from the range of companies who use it. Diarise!!

LDNFashion – covers a range of venues, designers and even online sale opportunities. Not exhaustive but good to keep an eye on.

London The Inside – again, a good site to visit regularly in case you’re trying to cover all bases. You clever girl, you…

A Little Bird – an insider’s guide to London, so of course there’s a page on sample sales. Der.

Style Barista – she not only covers London, but New York, Amsterdam and the fashion Holy Grail of Antwerp. Purses at the ready.

Sample Sales London – just in case you’re feeling you have FOMO on the London offerings, this will reassure you.

Sample Sale Guide – includes a few of the more obscure London offerings as well as sales outside ‘town’ in our very own UK.

Time Out – of course…

Fun blogs to follow (No Purse Required)

Beyond The Wardrobe – take a look around. Familiar? Here’s hoping so, but not so familiar that you don’t want more. Use the Bloglovin’ button on the side to get ALL the updates.

Disney Roller Girl – stylist Navaz Batliwalla’s unique take on all things fashion is a refreshingly analytical look at the zeitgeist, not just another wallet-drainer. If you think it’s news, she’ll probably have noticed it first. One to skate with.

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